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  • I have been using the Beautanix Day and Night oils for over 2 years. I love them! I was never interested in preventative skincare or daily skincare routines before, but since using them, I’m a convert.

    They are easy to use and absorb really quickly. You can even use the Day oil under make up and it does not ‘slide off’. I’ve had quite a few comments from others, telling me that my skin is really good and asking what I use! I’m a brand ambassador for Beautanix, it’s easy to share the news when you love a product so much.

    I cannot wait for any new products to come out, I’ll be the first to buy. I love their natural ingredients, their smell and their ‘pure’ approach to skincare.
    Jan Ibbott

    I’m a brand ambassador for Beautanix
  • I have used these products for several weeks. The day oil is a perfect base for make up application and surpasses any other make up base I’ve ever used. It’s an oil but it doesn’t make your skin greasy at all! It moisturises.

    Both day- and night oil last for ages, little is more. After weeks of use my therapist who does my facials asked what products I use and after I told her she said: “women pay to have skin like yours.” My skin was not great before, it was dry and I had a few spots etc.

    These natural oils have done such a difference. I’m using less foundation now as I don’t need to cover blemishes up as much. I’m never going to use anything else on my face apart from these natural products again.


    Surpasses any other make up base I’ve ever used
  • I have been using the night serum and day oil for a few weeks now. It’s brilliant! Smells great, feels lovely and my complexion appears smoother.


    My complexion appears smoother
  • In love… best I have tried in a long time.


    Best I have Tried in a long time…
  • Fantastic, I definitely think its made a big difference to my skin tone and wrinkles.


    Big difference to my skin tone
  • These products kept my skin in fabulous condition during my cancer treatment… where others available on the market did not stand up to such testing times.


    Kept my skin in fabulous condition during my cancer treatment
  • I have struggled with eczema for years. Since using your oils morning and night, the skin is super soft and not at all rough… 100% improved.




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