Understanding your skin type and products go a long way to perfecting your very own skincare routine. Here are our tips…
Step 1: Cleanse
Make sure to use a cleanser tailored to specific skin type, rinsing with water is not enough to clear away makeup and other impurities which have made their way onto your skin throughout the day. We recommend cleansing two times a day, morning and evening.
Step 2: Tone 
Many people don’t use toners in their skin, but its often helpful to smooth and calm the skin. It can also be used to remove the smallest and final traces of makeup and debris which may have been left behind after cleansing.
Step 3: Hydrate and Nourish
Apply a separate day and night product to your skin. We’d recommend natural, organic products from our own range:
Day Oil: our product can be used every day to nourish and hydrate the skin. It is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and raw active ingredients. Our Day Oil is particularly good for those with dry, sensitive and irritated skin (e.g. acne and breakouts).
Night Serum: a slightly heavier blend of anti-wrinkle oils, this serum is perfect for those with aging, sensitive skin or who are prone to breakouts. During the night our skin takes the time it needs to heal, so make sure to use a different product to give it the essential oils it needs to replenish. It also has added vitamin E which is a proven skin healer so great for anti-aging.
Step 4: Exfoliate 
Use gentle exfoliators to remove dead skin cells and achieve a clear complexion. We recommend you exfoliate at least twice a month, although if it’s gentle enough you could exfoliate weekly. We love 100% natural products, particularly those without any added fragrances, artificial colours.
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