Ok, so not really… but it comes quite close with our Palmarosa essential oil! The sweet smelling rose-like oil is extracted from Indian grass which is where it’s name originates from.

Widely used in skincare, this oil is hydrating and particularly used as an antiseptic in Indian and ancient medicine. If you have a dry and dull complexion, Palmarosa will encourage cell regeneration and help your skin get back on track in no time.

Plus, did you know that the oil is used widely in Oriental medicines? It is believed to have a moist and cool energy and it strengthens the yin-energy and clears heat!

This essential oil is not only gentle and fresh, but its fragrance is known to harmonize and calm the mind when you might feel anxious or nervous. It’s also said to help those who are separated from those that they love… which we really like. It’s no wonder we love this oil so much, since it’s helping to keep our Ying and Yang energy balanced!

For a fragrant balanced day we highly recommend our Day Oil.