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Kiwi, Camelina, Evening Primrose, Vitamin E, Olive Squalene Oil, Remodelling Intense, Rosemary Antioxidant and Neroli Essential Oil.

This combination consists of the best anti-wrinkle rejuvenation oils, helps with elasticity and firms the face. Perfect for sensitive and irritated skin with breakouts.

The essential oil of neroli is good for redness and stimulates the growth of healthy cells. The vitamin E is a skin healer and takes care of free radicals which cause skin ageing.

As we age the sebum production in our skin slows down and the skin ages and dries out, however, this ingredient helps to naturally moisturise it.

The remodelling intense comes from a small flower in South Africa and is proven to restructure and firm the body.

This serum consists of high doses of powerful oils, it has no thickening agent or artificial colours, therefore, it stays as an oil AND IS 100% NATURAL

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One pump before you go to sleep, massaging onto clean skin with upward and outward motions. Smooth onto the cheek bones gently and in an outwards direction gently towards the temples. Finally with the remainder sweep up the neck onto the décolletage.

16 reviews for Night Serum

  1. Helen

    I have very dry skin and am prone to eczema on my eyelids. This oil is slight heavier than the day oil but I use this in conjunction with the Serum 40. Both smell amazing and you wake up in the morning with supple smooth skin. Highly recommend

  2. Jan

    I’ve used the Beautanix Night Oil for a long time and absolutely love it and it smells divine too! Would recommend to my friends and anybody who love natural ingredients in their skincare products!

  3. Christina

    My skin has never looked or felt better since using Beautanix Night Serum. Great results after the first month.

  4. Susan Hillman

    I have been using the Night Serum for some time now. It is very easy to use as just the right amount comes out of one pump to cover the face and neck. I have dry skin and find that this serum keeps my skin hydrated throughout the night. I also appear to have less wrinkles. I love the idea of using only natural products on my skin. I also find the smell is rather delicious.

  5. Rachel

    I have always been wary of oil on my face in case of blocked pores, however this night serum is marvellous – no blocked pores and the smell is just wonderful, it also helps me to relax at night. My skin looks so fresh in the morning, I love it.

  6. Andrea Rowe (verified owner)

    The best skin oil I have ever used. I normally have dry patches on my skin in the winter, even though my skin is very oily. Not this winter, since using the Beautanix Night Oil, my skin looks and feels amazing, no dry patches!!

  7. Shazmin

    Thank you so much for my product (night serum), am excited to try this out.
    Will definitely do an update review after a few week..

    • beautanix

      Hi Shazmin, you’re welcome, so how did you find the product?

  8. Natasha Tobin

    I have thoroughly appreciated using this product. I do have quite dry and dehydrated skin. What I liked most were the good quality and particularly natural ingredients, as many facial serums tend to rely on more petrochemicals or man-made sources. Th Beautanix night oil has been a useful addition to my skincare regime. Thanks!

  9. ivana

    I’ve been recommended the Beautanix Night Oil and absolutely love it for easy absorpion and its natural ingredients. Thank you

  10. Catherine

    After trying lots of the usual brands for dry skin (at all prices) this was a a brilliant revelation. I love the feeling and smell of the product and my skin feels so much better. Thank You!

  11. Carol Mann

    Can’t go to bed or sleep without my night oil. I have a cream regime as well, but since discovering this night oil I am hooked. My skin is smoother and healthier and glowing. I wake up and just put on the day oil and sometimes that’s it. love it!

  12. Gillian Rowe

    Good bye; dull, dehydrated, saggy and uneven skin.

    Hello radiant, toned, hydrated and nourished and plump skin.

    Initially I thought Beautanix night oil would be greasy and sit on top of skin but it absorbs very quickly and within a few days felt and saw the difference. I have introduced this to all my friends and family.

  13. Zara

    Thank you for the night serum, my face feels lovely and soft. It also helps reduce the lines around my eyes. The smell of the oil is nice too.

  14. Denise Gillies

    I love this product, goodnight dry skin, good morning glowing skin! thank you!

    • beautanix

      Hi Denise, I’m glad you like it. All from the power of nature.

  15. Shah

    Hi Margaret, I’m so glad to hear the product is back in stock again, can’t wait to use it.

  16. Zara

    Hi Margaret, so glad the Neroli is back in stock, it’s good to have my skin looking lovely again x

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