As the weather turns colder, our skin becomes dryer! Whilst we try to protect our skin from the rain, wind and even snow we often forget about our faces which battle the wintery weather day after day! Be kind to your skin, drink plenty of water and keep it hydrated to avoid moisture loss.

You might also want to consider using some essential oils to help keep your skin looking as fresh and rejuvenated as it did when you returned from your summer holiday (ahh… that takes us back!). Oils such as Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile work wonders for winter damaged skin and our all-time favourite Neroli features heavily in the Night Serum.

Neroli essential oil has a wonderful light and refreshing floral fragrance to it and if massaged into the skin it helps to treat broken capillaries, dry, chapped and sensitive skin. Not only that, but it promotes healthy new cell growth, so by the summer time your skin will be glowing!

If you want another use for this oil, why not use it as a sleep aid! It’s often used to treat insomniacs and anxiety… so an added benefit for those of us who are prone to daily stress and strains! Try massaging it over the chest and neck area, take a minute to breathe in the soothing fragrance before re-treating to bed for a restful night’s sleep!